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Spark Plug Characteristics
Aug 08, 2018

The thermal value of the spark plug is usually used to characterize the thermal characteristics of the spark plug. The spark plug heat value indicates the balance between the heat absorption and heat dissipation of the spark plug insulator skirt, and the higher the heat value. The stronger the heat absorption and heat dissipation balance, the lower the heat value of the hot spark plug and the higher the heat value of the cold spark plug. Generally, a high-power, high-compression engine uses a cold-type spark plug with a high heat value; on the contrary, a low-power, low-compression engine uses a hot-type spark plug with a low heat value. Generally, the selection of spark plugs is determined by the factory through product stereotype experiments and should not be replaced at will.

The electric plate of the spark plug ignites the mixture in the cylinder through repeated continuous power generation ignition.

At this point, the rest of the ignition system produces a positive high-voltage electrical pulse that creates a spark and creates the energy needed to explode to provide engine power output.

The structure of the spark plug is made of an elongated metal plate passing through a ceramic material having an insulating function. A metal shell is placed around the lower portion of the insulator, and is screwed onto the cylinder head by a screw. The bottom of the metal shell forms a grounding effect with the automobile body by welding an electrode. In addition, the end of the center of the electrode must be separated by a small discharge gap.

Then, the high-voltage current from the distributor is conducted through the center electrode and then discharged at the discharge gap at the bottom. At this time, the spark plug functions to generate a spark combustion mixture, and the engine receives energy and outputs power.

It can be seen that the spark plug is a device for igniting the gasoline and air mixed gas that enters the combustion of the engine. Under the harsh conditions of high temperature and high pressure, it is one of the wearing parts of the gasoline engine, and it plays a considerable role in the operation of the engine. The important role is related to whether the car is fuel-efficient or not, and whether the operation is stable.

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