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Photoelectric Switch Features
Aug 08, 2018

MGK series photoelectric switch is the product of the development of modern microelectronic technology, and is an upgraded product of HGK series infrared photoelectric switch. Compared with the previous photoelectric switch, it has its own remarkable features:

With self-diagnosis and stable working area indication function, it can promptly inform the working status whether it is reliable;

The anti-reflective, reflective and specular reflective photoelectric switches have the function of preventing mutual interference and are easy to install;

Set the ES external synchronization (external diagnosis) control terminal to check whether the photoelectric switch works normally before running. It can accept interrupts or detection commands from a computer or programmable controller at any time. The appropriate combination of external diagnosis and self-diagnosis can make the photoelectric switch intelligent;

The response speed is fast, the response speed of the high-speed photoelectric switch can reach 0.1ms, and 300,000 inspection operations per minute can be performed, and the high-speed moving small objects can be detected;

Highly reliable with ASIC and advanced SMT surface mount technology;

Small size (minimum 20×31×12mm), light weight, simple installation and commissioning, and short-circuit protection.