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The structure of the diesel filter is roughly the same as the oil filter
Aug 08, 2018

The structure of the diesel filter is roughly the same as that of the oil filter, and it is available in both exchangeable and spin-on versions. However, the working pressure and oil temperature requirements are much lower than that of the oil filter, and the filtration efficiency requirements are much higher than the oil filter. The filter element of the diesel filter is mostly made of filter paper, and it is also made of felt or polymer material. In addition to filtering mechanical impurities in diesel fuel, diesel filters have an important function to filter water. The existence of water is extremely harmful to the diesel fuel supply system. Corrosion, wear, damage to the piston ring of the cylinder and even the phenomenon of pulling the cylinder can also deteriorate the combustion process of the diesel. The diesel filtration system separates the moisture to achieve the effect of filtering the water by the fluid flow control technology according to the liquid density.

The oil-water separator is an instrument for separating oil and moisture. The mechanism is mainly divided into oil separator and water separator. It is mainly divided into industrial grade oil-water separator, commercial oil-water separator and household oil water. Separator several kinds; from the separation principle, there are membrane filtration oil-water separator, oil-water separator with lipophilic material, non-power oil-water separator with different specific gravity, pharmacological action of demulsifier oil water separator; oil-water separator mainly Used in petrochemical industry, automobile industry, sewage treatment industry, etc.

The oil-water separator for automobiles is a kind of fuel filter. The main function is to remove the moisture in the diesel oil to reduce the injector failure and prolong the service life of the engine. The principle is mainly based on the density difference between water and fuel, using the principle of gravity sedimentation to remove impurities and water separator, and there are also separation elements such as diffusion cone and filter. The oil-water separator has other functions, such as pre-heating the fuel to prevent waxing and filtering impurities.