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The main role of the sensor
Aug 08, 2018

In order to obtain information from the outside world, people must resort to the sensory organs.

 And by relying on people's own sensory organs, their functions in researching natural phenomena and laws and production activities are far from enough. To accommodate this situation, sensors are needed. Therefore, it can be said that the sensor is an extension of the human five senses, also known as electric five senses.

With the advent of the new technological revolution, the world has entered the information age. In the process of using information, the first thing to be solved is to obtain accurate and reliable information, and the sensor is the main way and means to obtain information in the natural and production fields.

In modern industrial production, especially in automated production processes, various sensors are used to monitor and control the various parameters of the production process, to operate the equipment in a normal or optimal state, and to achieve the best quality of the product. Therefore, it can be said that without many excellent sensors, modern production will lose its foundation.

In the study of basic subjects, sensors have a prominent position. The development of modern science and technology has entered many new fields: for example, to observe the universe of thousands of light years on a macroscopic level, to observe the particle world as small as fm on the microscopic level, and to observe the evolution of celestial bodies for hundreds of thousands of years in the vertical direction. , short reaction to s. In addition, there have been various extreme technology researches that have an important role in deepening material understanding, exploring new energy sources, and new materials, such as ultra-high temperature, ultra-low temperature, ultra-high pressure, ultra-high vacuum, super-strong magnetic field, and ultra-weak magnetic field. Obviously, it is impossible to obtain information that is not directly accessible to human senses. The obstacles of many basic scientific research are firstly that there are difficulties in obtaining object information, and the emergence of some new mechanisms and high-sensitivity detection sensors often leads to breakthroughs in this field. The development of some sensors is often the pioneer of some marginal discipline development.

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