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Switch main classification
Aug 08, 2018

According to the use classification: wave switch, band switch, recording and playback switch, power switch, pre-selection switch, limit switch, control switch, transfer switch, isolating switch, travel switch, wall switch, intelligent fire switch.

According to the structure classification: micro switch, ship type switch, toggle switch, toggle switch, push button switch, push button switch, as well as fashion trend membrane switch, point switch.

According to the contact type: the switch can be divided into three types: a type contact, b type contact and c type contact according to the contact type. The contact type refers to the relationship between the operating condition and the contact state after the "operation (pressing) switch, the contact is closed". It is necessary to select a switch of the appropriate contact type depending on the application.

According to the number of switches: single control switch, dual control switch, multi-control switch, dimmer switch, speed switch, splash box, doorbell switch, sensor switch, touch switch, remote control switch, smart switch, card power switch, Yuba special switch.