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Automotive spring cushioning rubber installation tips and experience
Aug 08, 2018

※ The buffer rubber specification is mainly related to the “spring spacing”. Please be aware that the installed buffer rubber specification is suitable for the corresponding spring. If the specifications do not match, please do not install it. (If it is online shopping, it is recommended to measure the spring spacing before purchase. That is the safest and most secure way).

※ The circumference of the buffer rubber may exceed the circumference of the spring (that is, the buffer rubber will overlap when it is installed). If there is overlap, the excess length must be removed. Otherwise, it will be disadvantageous! Pay attention to the average cut at both ends. For example, if the excess (overlap) is 8 cm, the head and tail are cut 4 to 5 cm each.

※ If the spring circumference is too large (the cushion does not wrap around the spring after the cushion is installed), please pay attention to whether it has reached two-thirds of the spring. If it is two-thirds, then it will be no problem, it will not affect the effect; if it is not more than two-thirds or less (this phenomenon is rare), you need to use two buffer glues together (up to only one spring) Circles, can't overlap).

※ Regardless of the overall style of the spring (straight body, vertebrae, inverted vertebrae, barrel shape), the cushion rubber must be installed in the middle of the spring to achieve the best results. The outward or inward of the cushion rubber opening does not affect the effect, but the opening is aesthetically pleasing.

※ When the car body is lifted up, the spring is in tension. The spring spacing during stretching is not compatible with the cushion rubber (so the body does not rise too high). Try to let the spring enter the buffer rubber slot or single. Edge into the slot. When slowly lowering the car body, check and notice that the spring is completely inserted into the upper and lower slots of the cushion rubber.

※After the buffer rubber is properly installed, it is recommended to use a nylon cable tie to pull the cushion rubber and the spring integrally at the buffer hole position (click to see what is a nylon cable tie). The advantage is to avoid loose or move in the long-term use. In addition, when the car body is lifted up in the future, the spring tension is not easily removed from the buffer tank.