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Cabin Air Filter

Cabin Air Filter 64311496710 For BMW

Product name: Cabin Air Filter
OEM Number: 6431 1496 710
Port: Guangzhou, China
Production Capacity: 50000pieces/Year
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, D/P, Western Union...

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1. Product Introduction

Basic Information

name: air conditioner filter

Common name: pollen filter

Role: to prevent glass atomization

Type: ordinary type, activated carbon series


Filtering the air entering the interior of the cabin from the outside to improve the cleanliness of the air. The general filter material refers to the impurities contained in the air. Micro-particles, pollen, bacteria, industrial waste gas and dust enter the air-conditioning system to damage the air-conditioning system, and protect the vehicle. The health of the insiders is also empty to prevent fogging of the glass.

2. Product detailed parameters

Product name: Cabin Air Filter

OEM Number: 6431 1496 710

Port: Guangzhou, China

Production Capacity: 50000pieces/Year

Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, D/P, Western Union

Material: Paper

Application: Textile

Type: Activated Carbon Filter

Filter Connector: Flat Connector

Filtration Grade: HEPA Filter

Activated Carbon Filter Type: Compact


Length : 460 mm

Width : 108 mm

Height : 30 mm

Other OE Number:

6431 6930 351

3. Product advantage

In stock, one year warranty, support for small orders

4.Applicable models:

Suit for :


For BMW X3 / X6 / Z8 / Z3 / Z4 / X5  / X1 / i8

5.Cleaning method

If the filter is dirty, use compressed air to clean it from the bottom up. 

Keep the air gun and filter at 5 cm (cm) and blow at 500 kPa (kPa) for approximately 2 minutes. 

If the cleaning effect is not achieved, please ask the dealer to clean it.

The air conditioning system of a car is a relatively complicated system. The air conditioner filter can be said to be the most important air conditioning component, mainly for the comprehensive cleaning of air dust, pollen and bacteria. These are mainly for the interior of the air conditioning system. create pollution. In the maintenance process of the air conditioning refrigeration system, we must thoroughly clean the air conditioner filter. We can use the air duct to clean the dust. If the air conditioner filter cannot be cleaned effectively, the owner can replace it. Air conditioning filter.

6.Folding edit this paragraph maintenance

Check and replace the air conditioner filter according to the maintenance schedule. In areas with heavy dust or heavy traffic, it may need to be replaced in advance. 

If the airflow in the vent is significantly weakened, the filter may become clogged, check the filter and replace if necessary.

To prevent damage to the system, be sure to install a filter. Using the air conditioning system without the filter may damage the system.

Do not use water to clean the filter.

The air conditioning system must be turned off when cleaning or replacing the air conditioning filter.

7.Mode of transport

● Small pieces of air (if you need to send DHL, you can provide an existing account)

● Large pieces of sea  (if you have familiar logistics in China, you can provide their contact information)


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